Bay Area Rights of Nature Tribunal- Antioch

Expert Testimony, David Cobb
We are dealing with a law in this country that is facilitating such harms, and a society which is not recognizing our role as a human actor in this larger ecological web of life. The Delta is not being recognized for what it is, as a living entity. The Delta is at best looked at as a resource to exploit and water to be diverted.
— Expert Testimony, David Cobb

The Bay Area Rights of Nature Alliance held another local Rights of Nature Tribunal on April 30, 2016 in Antioch, California to address violations of the rights of the Bay-Delta Estuary and Delta communities from over-diversion and pollution of Delta waterways. An esteemed panel of Judges listened to witness and expert testimony on nature's, community and human rights violations that have occurred due to reduced flow in the Delta, and will occur with the Governor's Delta Tunnel Plan. Once again ELC's Linda Sheehan served as Co-Prosecutor for the Earth; read her closing statement here. The Tribunal was covered by local media outlets, and more summary information will be forthcoming soon.