California Waterways

Western Waterways Toolkit

Earth Law Center has developed a toolkit on how to use the Clean Water Act to protect flows in the western United States, particularly with regards to the “impaired waterways” process. Email if you’d like to learn more.


A coalition of river defenders filed a lawsuit against the State Water Resources Control Board for its failure to meet key Clean Water Act and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requirements intended to protect the ecological health of waterways. Lawyers for Clean Water is representing the coalition in the lawsuit. Read more about the lawsuit (PDF).

California Water Governance

Thanks to generous support from the Pisces Foundation and in partnership with Stanford University, Earth Law Center has written a paper on California Water Governance in the 21st Century (PDF).

You can also read a synopsis from the Executive Summary.

comment letters

We’ve been working to defend California's waterways for years. In our most recent comment letter to the California State Water Resources Control Board we’ve expanded the list of hydrologically impaired waterways from the 2014 and 2016 Reports. Comment letters are an effective mechanism to advocate for the adoption of sound policy and regulations.

You can also read our previous comment letters.

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