Indus River, Pakistan

Earth Law Center has partnered with Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum to seek legal rights for the Pakistani portion of the Indus River. This river faces threats from climate change, reduced flows, dam and canal construction, habitat destruction, reduced sediment load, and severe pollution.

People have thrived near the Indus River for nearly 8,000 years, but now many communities are at risk of water shortages and cannot support their traditional river-based livelihoods.

Local species are also under threat, including the Indus River dolphins. With only about 1,000 dolphins remaining they are one of the most endangered mammals in the world.

We’ve drafted the Indus River Rights Act, which will help prevent further destruction to the Indus River and provide an opportunity to rebuild its biodiversity.

You can learn more about the Indus River and our work to protect it on our blog.

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