Although coral reefs cover less than one percent of the ocean they provide habitat for a quarter of known marine species. These highly diverse and breathtaking ecosystems face threats including ocean acidification and warming, pollution, tourism, and overfishing.

Scientists say we have lost as much as half the world's coral reefs, so it’s critical that we work quickly to save the remaining half. ELC is creating a new framework for coral reef protection, an innovative approach that moves beyond traditional management schemes and market-based approaches. This new model focuses on our responsibilities to the reefs instead of the historic model of ownership. You can learn more about this framework by watching our March webinar, or viewing the powerpoint.


By treating reefs as living entities with their own inherit rights, Earth Law provides a means to protect reefs for the benefit of the whole ecosystem, including humans.

Partners in this endeavor include Howell Conservation Fund and ReefLife Restoration.

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