In 2017 thus far, four rivers have been granted legal personhood status, that is, they have been granted the same legal rights as a juristic person. This includes the Whanganui River in New Zealand, the Ganges and Yamuna Rivers in India, and the Atrato River in Colombia. ELC is committed to achieving legal personhood for more rivers and waterways. Learn more.



In support of our campaign to establish rights for the Rio Magdalena and other rivers, ELC has developed a draft Universal Declaration of River Rights. The Declaration draws from victories for the rights of rivers worldwide as well as scientific understandings of healthy river systems.

Please support this campaign by taking these actions now:

(1) Review and sign the Universal Declaration of River Rights Declaration online (available in English or Spanish). Or email Grant Wilson at gwilson@earthlaw.org for more information.

(2) Download the Universal Declaration of River Rights infographic in English or Spanish and share it widely.

(3) Read our Question & Answer document on the Universal Declaration of River Rights to learn more about our strategy and how you can help.