Dark Sky Reserves

Earth Law Center has launched a new campaign to recognize Nature’s inherent right to dark skies. We are joined in this project by leading Rights of Nature advocate Myra L. Jackson and other innovative thinkers in the field.

With the Rights of Nature being recognized throughout the world, we must begin to promote holistic ecosystem health as a right. Though lesser-known than other environmental needs, dark skies are fundamental to the well-being of both ecosystems and humans.

Light pollution has significant, measurable negative impacts on both nighttime ecosystems and humans. For example, due to light pollution, sea turtles lose their way to the sea, migrating birds to become confused and strike buildings, and plant seasonal cycles become disturbed. It also affects human hormone cycles, our sleep cycles, and wakefulness. Using light carelessly also wastes energy and interferes with our ability to view the night sky.

Ecosystems have a fundamental right to dark skies such that they can thrive. Earth Law Center will promote this right through new laws and policies at all levels of government. Stay tuned for announcement of the first community in the world to recognize and implement nature’s right to dark skies. Read more about light pollution in on our blog.

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