Bay Area Rights of Nature Ethics Tribunal- Oakland

Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth
Has Chevron ever listened to the land or made an effort to hear what land was offering? Do any governments or corporations listen to the land? No – they violate the rights of nature.
— Judges Verdict, Brian Swimme

The Bay Area Rights of Nature Ethics Tribunal in Oakland, California in October, 2014, co-sponsored by ELC, examined the impacts of the fossil fuel industry on nature's rights. This Tribunal examined combined violations of human rights and nature’s rights, or “co-violations” of rights, by the Chevron Refinery in nearby Richmond, California. Spills and accidents at the refinery, the largest single emitter of greenhouse gases in the state, have sent thousands of neighboring residents to local hospitals and created lingering, long-term human and environmental health issues. "The rulings call[ed] for defining new economic models, social systems and governance structures to create a new path forward that recognize the interdependencies of humans and earth systems."

Video segments of the Tribunal are available here.