ELC has just released a new report compiling 100 "co-violations" of human rights and nature's rights worldwide; read the report press release here. ELC released this report to coincide with the ongoing international climate change discussions in Paris. Climate change is one of the fastest-growing sources of rights violations, and addressing the sources of climate change will significantly improve protection of nature's rights and human rights worldwide. 

ELC's report summarizes the findings from 100 sets of rights co-violations and provides recommendations for immediate and longer-term action. Consistent with the messages of Pope Francis and other world leaders recognizing the rights of nature, the report finds that we must evolve our laws and judicial systems to reflect the fact that our well-being is inextricably bound up with that of the Earth. Read the report online here, and for printing, access the report here.

ELC presented this report at a workshop, Nature’s Rights and Human Rights: Building Legal, Economic and Social Solutions to Planetary Crisis , held at "Place to B" in Paris. At the workshop, ELC and representatives from Gaia Foundation, Women's Earth and Climate Action Network and Fundacion Pachamama spoke on violations of nature's rights and human rights and engaged participants in sharing information and solutions.