Earth Law Center is dedicated to advancing the rights of the natural world. Your assistance helps secure new laws, policies, and governance systems that ensure people and planet thrive together. We welcome you in this movement.

There are many ways to support ELC’s work and become an advocate for the inherent rights of nature; everyone’s contributions are important. We welcome volunteers with a variety of skills including research, social media, photography, videography, graphic design, web support, and marketing.

Current volunteers are assisting with:

  • fundraising and writing grant proposals;
  • editing footage from the International Rights of Nature Tribunal in Paris;
  • creating a 'Rights of Nature Tribunal' toolkit; and
  • writing judgments and reports from the Rights of Nature Tribunals.

We value the work and commitment of or volunteers, and will work with you to determine what project best suits your interests, experience and time. If you are interested in volunteering with ELC, please fill out the Volunteer Inquiry Form and send to gwilson@earthlaw.org.

Want to support ELC but do not have the time? Please consider a donation to support us all in this work. Additionally, keep up with ELC’s activities and sign up for our newsletter.

If you would like to get involved with a local group in your area, use our Earth Community map to identify Earth rights-centered organizations near you. If you don’t see what you are looking for, start a group of your own. Or contact us and we will help put you in touch with like-minded folks near you.

Finally – spread the word. Tell your friends about the rights of nature movement and forward our website, Twitter and Facebook pages. We look forward to hearing from you!