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“It should be obvious that we are a part of nature, not apart from nature, and that what we do to the living world we do to ourselves.” Dr. Sylvia Earle

Marine protected areas can play an important role in protecting and restoring ocean health. Earth Law can ensure that the highest objective for designation and management is protection and restoration.

The Earth Law framework goes beyond the traditional methods of “resource” management[ii] to provide a clear legal mandate for managing protected areas as part of a system,[iii] and as part of the whole that humans are also a part of.

What does legal rights for the ocean mean? Read more with responses to frequently asked questions.  

Together we can ensure a healthy and thriving ocean.

Contact Michelle Bender, Ocean Rights Manager @ if you want support implementing the framework where you are.

Michelle Bender, Ocean Rights Manager at Earth Law Center, discusses the Earth Law Framework for Marine Protected Areas at the EarthX Conference in Dallas, TX.