Amicus Briefs

ELC partnered with International Rivers and RIDH ("R√©seau International des Droits Humains") to submit  amicus briefs to Colombia's highest administrative court, called the Consejo de Estado, as well as the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights and the Constitutional Court of Colombia. These amicus briefs calls for recognition of the rights of the Anchicay√° River as well as of all Colombian rivers. They also ask that communities impacted by a dam release in 2001 be fairly compensated.

Amicus briefs are legal documents filed in court cases by non-litigants (called "amici curiae," or friends of the court) with a strong interest in the subject matter. The briefs allow Earth Law Center to advise the court of relevant, additional Earth Law and Rights of Nature information or arguments that the court might wish to consider.

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Banner Photo Credit: By Mateo.gable, CC BY-SA 3.0 from Wikimedia Commons