Photo by Rodrigo Garcia Pingaro

Legal Rights for Uruguay’s Sanctuary for Whales and Dolphins


Organización para la Conservación de Cetaceos (OCC) and Earth Law Center (ELC) are partnering to establish legal rights for the Whale and Dolphin Sanctuary in Uruguay’s territorial waters. The Sanctuary was established in 2013[1] and a management plan has not yet been created. It faces increasing threats from shipping traffic, pollution and non-sustainable fisheries.

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About OCC:

OCC (Organisation for the Conservation of Cetaceans) is a small non-government organisation in Uruguay, South America, which focuses on marine conservation. In the last decade, OCC-Uruguay has identified the major threats to marine conservation along Uruguay’s Atlantic coast, and worked hard to establish both the legislative foundations, inter-institutional and public support necessary for change. Achievements include: promote a Decree for responsible whale watching (261/02) and a volunteer whale watching network to alert national coastguard officials where whales are threatened or stressed (avoiding ship-strikes); promote the installation of viewing platforms along the coast; establishing protocols of good practice marine and certification (together Ministries and National Marine).

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