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Earth Law for the Puget Sound

You can help save the 76 Southern Resident Killer Whales left by signing the petition today.

Earth Law Center has launched an initiative to support local communities and indigenous groups in the Puget Sound and wider Salish Sea. 

Threatened by pollution and vessel traffic, the Puget Sound needs evolved protection. The solution is Earth Law, specifically to achieve four key objectives:

  1. Two Puget Sound Coastal Communities pass a Sustainability Rights Ordinance.
  2. Mobilize a grassroots campaign to gain legal rights for marine mammals, namely the Southern Resident Killer Whale.
  3. Create new marine protected areas (MPAs) in the Puget Sound that connects existing MPAs to the Orca’s critical habitat
  4. Gain legal rights for the Nooksack River to give local communities standing to enforce the River’s rights to be free from pollution and to restoration.

Earth Law Center partners with the Nonhuman Rights Project to seek rights recognition for the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whale population in the Puget Sound.

What will legal rights for the orca mean? You can find out in our first Puget Sound Blog

Do you live in the Puget Sound Area? Contact us today if you think ELC can help your community or to join our team of 100+ volunteers please email