Keep the Patagonian Sea beautiful for generations to come

Remember the wonder of your first visit to the seaside? The beauty of the waves lapping against a pristine beach? The smell of the briny air and the sun reflecting off the water?

Future generations may not get to experience that joy and connection. Our oceans are filling up with plastic. Species who have co-existed with us for millenia are disappearing from habitat loss, noise pollution and overfishing. Oil spills and chemical run off are making our oceans toxic to all life. The Patagonian Sea is a remarkable intersection of global physics, marine biodiversity, and climate and economic change. Yet in the Patagonian Sea, these pollutants have been found: hydrocarbons derived from oil, heavy metals, persistently toxic substances (PCB), discharged urban effluents including solid waste. This is the result of seeing the ocean as resources and property of humans, rather than living systems with their unique needs and rhythms. 

So how do we fix this?

We shift our perspective. Let’s move beyond the mindset that got us into this mess to begin with.

Earth Law Center is building a consortium of groups to ask the Chilean and Argentinean governments to incorporate legal rights for the Sea when they establish a Marine Protected Area (MPA) for the Patagonian Sea. 

Legal Rights for Patagonia means:
•    Humans create a sustainable relationship with the ecosystem and species within
•    Protection and restoration is a legal responsibility
•    Management boards, or ‘guardians’, ensure that activities do not violate the ecosystem’s rights

Such rights will give greater responsibility to community stakeholders and place greater liability on those destroying natural communities. This will help defend Patagonia from over-fishing and oil drilling to ensure a thriving relationship between human and natural communities for future generations.    

Here’s how you can help:

•    Spread the word by liking and sharing this video with your friends and family
•    Volunteer with us, we don’t just need lawyers – your talents and experience are both welcome and needed
•    Donate so we can fund delegations to meet with government officials and follow up the initiative

Join us and be part of the solution for keeping the Patagonian Sea beautiful and healthy!

Learn more about legal rights for the Patagonian Sea here