Educational Outreach

ELC’s education initiatives prepare tomorrow’s leaders to seek environmental solutions that value Nature as a partner instead of property.

Text book on earth Law

Earth Law Center and partners are writing the first ever law school textbook on Earth Law, including rights of nature, to be published by Wolters Kluwer. Already, numerous law schools and universities have signed up to teach from the book. Our goal is to train the next generation of “Earth lawyers” and other environmental professionals on ecocentric law so they have the tools to restore our planet to health.

Does your school want to teach from the Earth Law textbook? Email to learn more.

“Brooklyn College Community Partnership is thrilled to be working with the Earth Law Center on developing a series of mock trials that illustrate the rights of the natural world to Brooklyn youth.”
— Steve Ausbury, Executive Director of the Brooklyn College Community Partnership

ELC offers educational programs that help high-school and college students understand the Rights of Nature and how to better articulate and defend them. Our programs include a graduate-level Earth Law course (PDF), mock trial workshops, Earth Law Clubs, and a STEM-focused Bottle Biosphere curriculum (PDF).

International Outreach

Because our current legal and economic systems view Nature as property to be exploited, we are violating Rights of Nature and of ourselves. Humans rely on Nature to sustain us, so by harming Nature we’re also harming ourselves. ELC works to implement reforms all over the world, defending the Rights of Nature in partnership with advocates for human rights and indigenous rights.

United Nations

Because environmental challenges span the globe, ELC advocates before the United Nations seeking laws and policies that allow people and nature to flourish together. In 2017 ELC was featured in the U.N. Secretary General’s eighth report on Harmony with Nature, and in 2016 ELC helped lead the UN to adopt a resolution to create a committee on Earth Law. Read more about our work with the UN.

International Law

More than 830,000 people have signed on in support of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth (the page we link to has only about 116K signatures). Bolivia and Ecuador have adopted constitutional provisions recognizing the Rights of Nature, and New Zealand recognizes the Rights of Nature through treaty agreements. Because of ELC’s work the International Union for Conservation of Nature added commitments to Rights of Nature in its final 2017-2020 program. Read more about ELC’s efforts to create Rights of Nature laws around the world.