The Earth's waterS

Earth Law Center works broadly to promote the rights of ecosystems and species to exist, thrive, and evolve together. ELC places a special focus on the rights of rivers to flow with clean water, the rights of fish to swim and enjoy suitable habitat, and the rights of marine ecosystems and species to be healthy. 

Ocean Rights

By holistically defining a healthy ocean based on its own intrinsic value and needs, and incorporating the ocean’s inherent rights to health in management laws, we can ensure our ocean is healthy and thriving now and for future generations. Accordingly, ELC works to ensure the inherent rights of ocean systems to health are recognized and incorporated into protective laws and policies. Learn more.

RIVERS AND Waterways

In 2017 thus far, four rivers have been granted legal personhood status, that is, they have been granted the same legal rights as a juristic person. This includes the Whanganui River in New Zealand, the Ganges and Yamuna Rivers in India, and the Atrato River in Colombia. ELC is committed to achieving legal personhood for more rivers and waterways. Learn more.