First International Rights of Nature Tribunal- Quito

Opening Statement, Casey Camp Horinek
A paradigm, that is based on Indigenous thought and philosophy needs to be forwarded which grants equal rights to Nature and which honors the interrelation in all life. This is the greatest challenge facing humanity, whether here in Ecuador or globally, to recognize its responsibilities, duties and obligations to the rights of Mother Earth.
— Opening Statement, Casey Camp Horinek

The first Tribunal took place in Quito, Ecuador in January 2014. Dr. Vandana Shiva, internationally renowned author, physicist, and environmental activist, presided over this historic Tribunal together with nine other distinguished judges from seven countries and five continents. These cases alleged violations of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth and, for cases based in Ecuador, of the Ecuadorian Constitution’s provisions on nature’s rights.

The nine cases covered:

  •  British Petroleum (BP) Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
  •  GMOs and Transgenincs
  •  Climate Change
  •  Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  •  Chevron/ Texaco
  •  Mirador Open Pit Mine
  •  Defenders of Nature
  •  Yasuni- ITT
  •  Hydraulic Fracking (USA)

Dr. Shiva presented the closing ruling to admit for further examination of all nine cases in Lima, Peru.