Transforming our relationship with the Earth

In most countries, nature has the legal status of property.  In contrast, Earth Law argues that nature has inherent rights, and legally should have the same protection as people and corporations. Earth Law will enable the defense of the environment in court—not only for the benefit of people, but for the sake of nature itself.
Earth Law has the power to be society’s next major rights-based milestone, a transformational paradigm shift to rebalance our relationship with nature. Earth Law is like Human Rights Law, but for the planet.

ELC: putting the transformation into practice

Earth Law Center serves to connect and catalyze local partnerships for practical ends: new laws that uphold the rights of nature and allow local community members to defend nature against harm. Earth Law Center’s initiatives sign new laws into existence, incorporate rights of nature into new governance or management plans and participate directly or indirectly in court cases.

In all of its initiatives, Earth Law Center partners with local community groups, whether legal or indigenous (or both). Only those who are directly impacted know the nuances of the situation, have the capacity to raise community awareness, and can navigate the local government and legal processes.