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Wild Law: the theory & practice of Earth jurisprudence

Australia's first university level Earth laws course will be run this summer, from Monday 5th to Friday 9th December 2016, at Griffith Law School.

Earth Jurisprudence is an emerging field of legal philosophy that critiques law and governance from an Earth centred perspective and proposes new approaches to law, economics and governance.

This course introduces students to selected ecological, social, ethical and legal issues that must be addressed by industrial societies if we are to respond to life threatening climate change and ecological destruction. It will examine existing and emerging Earth centred legal regimes in Ecuador, Bolivia, the USA and New Zealand, and enable students to analyse the potential of implementing Earth centred law in Australia. It will consider the implications of Earth Jurisprudence for Australian domestic law, including: property law, the doctrine of standing, constitutional law and ‘traditional’ environmental and planning law. It also introduces students to alternative legal frameworks being proposed and implemented by wild law advocates, including the Rights of Nature, Ecocide, Earth democracy and rights-based approaches to local environmental law making.

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