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Yasuni Man- Mill Valley Film Festiva

Life hangs in the balance for the Waorani, hunter-gatherers in the remote Yasuni region of the Ecuadorian Amazon. They’ve successfully fended off waves of missionaries, loggers, oil companies, and politicians—those who would destroy the people and the land out of greed. But how much longer can they do so? Before it’s too late, biologist/filmmaker Ryan Patrick Killackey teams up with a Waorani family to document the traditional way of life amid the region’s incredible biodiversity. Along the way they uncover the devastation already wrought by logging and oil development on the indigenous people and their entire ecosystem. Yasuni Man offers clear witness and an urgent plea for immediate action on behalf of the Waorani’s right to exist and protect their world. This quickening destruction in the Yasuni is a microcosm of the impact of our fossil fuel addiction in this time of dire beauty.

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Later Event: October 22
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