Educational Outreach

ELC’s education initiatives prepare tomorrow’s leaders to seek environmental solutions grounded in the inherent rights of nature, nature as partners instead of property.

"Brooklyn College Community Partnership is thrilled to be working with the Earth Law Center on developing a series of mock trials that illustrate the rights of the natural world to Brooklyn youth."

Steve Ausbury, Executive Director of the Brooklyn College Community Partnership

"Grant’s lecture provided a fantastic overview of the rights of nature. He began his lecture by reviewing the overall development of rights through time, and he concluded that the next step would be those for nature. VJEL brought him to Vermont Law School to provide background for its 2018 Symposium, and Grant gave a thoughtful and engaging presentation that has started the campus-wide conversation on whether nature should have rights."

Jay Crowder, Vermont Journal of Environmental Law

ELC educational solutions include:

  • A graduate level "Earth Law" course taught for several years at Vermont Law School, a world leader in environmental legal education
  • Launch your own Earth Law Club or add to existing environmental clubs with hands-on experience with over a dozen current legal initiatives. Download the Earth Law Club Flyer.
  • Mock Trial Workshop for High school students. Download the plan here.
  • Bottle Biosphere curriculum to boost STEM learning. Download the outline here.