Earth Law Center works to ensure that the laws of all governments recognize and protect nature’s inherent rights, to exist, thrive and evolve. 

Advocates for the Earth are winning battles, but losing the war. Our current legal systems have reduced some forms of pollution. But they fail to address systemic problems, like climate change, loss of fish and wildlife, the spread of toxic chemicals, and the depletion of our rivers and streams. These are pushing the planet towards a precipice. To reverse the tide, we must create and strengthen laws that protect the rights of nature.

Just as human rights were violated when other humans were considered to be someone’s property, the natural world is being abused because our legal system treats nature as property. This denies our underlying interdependence we have with nature, with which we co-evolved. 

The rights of nature to exist, thrive and evolve for its own sake need to be reflected in our laws. Earth Law Center exists to create and advance this rallying cry for change. We are committed to building a movement with others who share this vision.